Famous people from the Quad Cities – Assignment 4

Who are the most famous people from the Quad Cities area? What are they famous for and when did they live in the Quad Cities?

John Deere



Easily the most famous person fromt he Quad Cities was John Deere. He invented the steel plow and revolutionized the farming business. He also founding the farm equipment company that is named after him. The company still has its world headquarters in Moline, IL and is one of the largest makers of farm equipment int he entire world. John Deere invented the plow in 1837. He was born in 1804 and died in 1886. Many people do not know that John Deere was the second ever mayor of Moline Illinois. He served two terms as mayor.


Blackhawk was an indian chief who lived in the illinois Quad Cities whent he area was being settled. Chief Blackhawk led the indians against the British in the Blackhawk War in 1832. His side lost the war, but there is now a college that bears his name in Moline, IL.

Isabel Bloom

She made sculptures out of polished cement and somehow became famous. I have no idea why people buy these things, but apparently there is a market for them.

Heisman Trophy winner john Lujack

Won the Heisman Trophy in 1947. May or may not have started a car dealership after that,but i do know there is a Lujack’s car sales place in town.

Bix Beiderbecke

This dude rocked. He was a jazz musician and now there is a jazz festival (Bix Fest) and a road race (the Bix 7) named after him in Davenport, IA every summer.

“Dr.” Palmer

Founded Palmer Scool of Chiropractic and created a whole slew of people who now think they are ‘Doctors’. I’m sorry, but you didn’t go to real medical school and you do not treat any real illnesses. You are a glorified masseuse on a power trip.